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This can be used both as an insult and a compliment. You can call someone a fanny sniffer implying they are a lesbian or you can just use it as an everyday insult. It can also be used as a compliment for your friends when you are letting them know what amazing fanny sniffers they are.

can be abbreviated to just fanny or to sniffer.
ew she just touched my ass!! what a fanny sniffer!!

i hate that fanny sniffing bitch she is so mean and an honest sniffer

My bestest friend every is the best fanny sniffer in the whole wide world and i fanny sniffing lover her so much!!

One day i came to school and i could tell it was going to be a sniffing good day, as i walked into the gates of the biggest fanny school ever. I saw the most amazing fanny food at the canteen on my way in it smelled like the best fanny ever. My best fanny friend was there too and i am so sniffing glad i dont have to spend the day by my self with all these fanny sniffing nuns. A huge fanny sniffing lesbian came up so me and started talking to me so i told her to go sniff a sour fanny and leave my sweet fanny alone!!
by sweetestfannyever July 25, 2018
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