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A phrase with two meanings:

1) When the writer(s) of a geek franchise introduce backstory, characters, rules, lists of information, and other continuity details that are intentionally vague, contradictory, and unresolved. The intent is to provoke fan wank and other arguments while always having the carrot of "this issue, we find THIS out!" to dangle in front of fans. Mainstream superhero comics run almost exclusively on this.

2) When a blogger or other editorial writer does an in-depth analysis of a creative work radically counter to the assumptions of its fanbase in order to provoke outrage and fan wank. Usual tactics include "over-analyzing" fantastical elements (e.g. "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex"), unflattering interpretations of the themes, and otherwise presenting valid arguments why the story does not logically work.
1) Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura's introduction of a dozen vague, unresolved plot points and refusal to clarify anything is classic fanboy baiting.

2) I wrote a fanboy-bait article explaining why Usagi of Sailor Moon is a terrible role-model. I bet I'll have a hundred pissed-off comments by tonight.
by AlexTwentyTwo January 28, 2012
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