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An individual who appears to be nice and kind, but turns out to be a complete monster once you point out something that they don't want you to. Often times these are the people who can (or at least think they can) get away with all sorts of crimes. Many times unless you have a great deal of evidence to the contrary against such an individual, almost nobody will believe you. In rare cases in which others do believe you, the false angel will do everything in their power to discredit you. A false angel will pretend to be nice simply to get you to do something they would rather not do themselves; or to get something from you. They’re manipulative, with poor morals/values, if any. These individuals bring others great joy when they get their comeuppance. Some base traits of false angels are their aloofness, their lack of conscience, the fact that they are all backstabbers & have exceptional acting skills. Frequently false angels are also Assholes & extremely petty. Despite the fact that every false angel's at least shown their true nature to at least one person, they somehow manage to convince everyone around them they're an angel. False angels rely on deceiving people into thinking they're better in some way. They do this by advertising themselves as being kind, funny, trustworthy, the ever so vague cool, smart, honest, or pretty; with most claiming to possess all of these traits at once. In each case, the false angel is lying about either most, or all of these traits.
Individual 1: I thought individual x was an angel until they stabbed me in the back and took everything that I have ever worked for. What a false angel!
Individual 2: What! Individual x would never do such a thing! You're crazy!
Individual x: *Sobs* and I thought you were my friend Individual 1! You're just jealous because I'm so pretty!
Individual 2: How dare you individual 1! Can't you see how much you've hurt poor, innocent Individual x! Don't worry Individual x, I'll make sure that *insert insult here* never does such a thing again!
Individual x: *Cheekily smiles at Individual 1.*
Individual 1: Did you not see that?!!
Individual 2: *Looks at individual x.*
Individual x: *Sobbing* They're just cr-cr-crazy. I just don't understand why they h-h-hate meee!
Individual 2: You're disgusting individual 1.
After it happens to Individual 2: Good grief Individual 1! You were right about individual x! I wish I had believed you sooner!
Individual 1: Told you so. A total false angel.
by The * Impossible * Girl May 23, 2018
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