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Former local unsigned Jefferson Township band. Went through a bevy of names (including "Scout", presumably a pun off of Finch) befored settling on Faded Memories. Originally started off as a gentle emo band, yet as they progressed the vocals became less and less sung and more and more screamed. Constantly ridiculed by most of the Jefferson "scene" (lead singer Vin Crapello had made enemies with many high profile members), Faded Memories was never given an unbiased chance by most. After one final show, an acoustic set at Camp Jefferson in which many people in attendance would not remain quiet, FM broke up. However, the band, minus Vin, has entirely reformed and is now aptly known as Rise From the Fall.
"Remember Faded Memories? What a bunch of fags."

"You said it, Don."
by fadedmemorfan March 22, 2005
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