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An informal term used primarily when a person is extraordinarily high on THC in the parking lot of a fast food chicken restaurant becomes irate after the vegan girlfriend of the driver of the vehicle protests patronizing an institution that abuses animal rights and insists on leaving without purchasing food, therefore irritating the hungry baked person who intensely craves the almighty secret 11 spiced recipe fried chicken, resulting in a incoherent tirade of slurred words describing the importance of their hunger.
Ashley: "I don't want to go here, lets just go home."
Matt: "Okay."
Sivad: "Dude we're hungry."
Kate: "Fuck you, lets go inside and eat some fackin chackin!"
Everyone: *laughter*
Ashley: "Oh man, Kate. You are totally baked."
Everyone: *laughter*

*Everyone lives happily ever after and drive off on a country cruise into the sunset*

by 7WMK0 January 09, 2009
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