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A woman who loves to use a man's face for her sexual pleasure by sliding back and forth across his face, and /or grinding against his features to achieve multiple orgasms. Often used as a sign of Dominance, a woman may use this to train or instill in her partner, that this is the only way he can have sex with her or any woman she chooses, and that his mouth, not his penis, will be the recipient of their orgasms which he will be trained to consume at all times without fail. She will also instruct him to use his tongue at any time to "worship" her pussy and asshole in the manner she desires to derive the most pleasure, no matter how long or often she wishes to "use" him.
My girlfriend was a "Facefucking Goddess". She used to use my face for her sexual pleasures on a daily basis, sometimes for hours at a time, and sometimes while entertaining her girlfriends!
by queeningboy November 08, 2013
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