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A girl who you don't know and is out of your league adds you as a friend on facebook. Upon adding her, she keeps on sending you spam wall posts and messages until you finally block her. A facebook spam babe is usually male, and always an internet troll.

How to spot a facebook spam babe
-The profile seems new.
-She has slutty wall posts to entice you to add them.
-All of her friends are few and male.
-One or more of her statuses are links.
-The name exotic enough to be a pornstar's but tame enough to be the girl next door's.
-Looking for: Dating/A Relationship - no babe is looking for that on facebook.
Yo man, who's that hot girl you added on facebook the other day?

Dude, she was just a facebook spam babe. I got a whole bunch of spam messages after I added her.
by The hardest button to button February 28, 2010
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