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ugly bitch on facebook who needs her ass kicked by her daddy. Ugly ho who just won't leave. She also talks shit to her self because she has no friends and no life and takes out her sexual frustration on urban dictionary and facebook trying to suck the life out of other people who look better than her ugly ass. She jacks off her 1 inch penis 5 times a day while having a turkey shoved up her ass and is a no lipped bastard who uses clown make up to mask her lizard like appearance. Shes also going bald and doesnt shave her body hair. She calls men who reject her gay while being totally oblivious of the fact that it was because shes just plain ugly. She'll often believe that shes a 10 and needs to be reminded that shes a 0. People call her a slut but I know she isn't because no man in his right mind would ever have sex with that ugly dried up cunt.
Damn that facebook horror is one ugly motherfuker. I wish i can remove her from my list just so that I don't have to see her horrific looking face everday but I don't want to hurt her feelings because she might jump off an overpass.
by ur face& ur ass looks thessame February 06, 2010
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