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Facebook Cheater is some one who is in a relationship but friend requests someone then continually likes or comments on all their posts with the sole intention of hooking up. Devoting a good portion of their time chatting, messaging, commenting, tagging and Facebook Stalking another girl/boy in a flirtatious manner. Generally followed up by a text message or phone call with a "proposition."

Often the Facebook Cheater is undetectable by the person being cheated on because most often, the harlet is not friends with the cheatee. The Facebook affair is usually blatantly obvious to mutual friends and those who have been stalked by this individual and are no longer "on his/her radar". The cheating can go on undetected for months before a friend of the cheatee notices what's going on and tells her.
He is such a Facebook Cheater. He has hooked up with so many women through Facebook and his wife has no clue!
by Rescuechic August 29, 2014
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