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A new psychiatric disorder, soon to be released in the DSM V, in which an adolescent becomes suicidal, fakes feeling suicidal, or reports homicidal ideation that is directly related to a series of facebook wall posts from said adolescents love interest, rivals, friends, or enemies. This syndrome often leads to a psychiatric admission, and treatment with Adderall, Lexapro, or both. Sadly.
Resident Doctor Smith: "Well, Connor, what brings you to the psychiatric emergency room today?"

Connor: "I cut my wrists after my ex-girlfriend posted on my wall that she thinks I'm gay, and she's sleeping with my cousin! I hate her! I have no reason to live!"

Resident Doctor Smith: "Connor, you are suffering from facebook induced mood disorder. I am going to admit you to the Adolescent Psychiatry Inpatient Unit. You will need to be stabilized on Adderall and Lexapro, stat. And eat with a spork."
by Drs. Heather and McNamara April 06, 2011
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