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Somebody who has taken the name 'social networking site' quite literally and does all their socialising and lives their life through facebook. This includes continual updates about their mundane daily activities (e.g. is off to the bank; loves honey on toast; is meeting the in laws today; is getting ready to go out), how much they love their partner, how much they drank the night before, how hung over they are, how many days till their holiday and all the things the majority of people they are "friends" with do not care or want to read about. An FBC will also use Facebook as a way of announcing their engagement. Also somebody who will add anybody and everybody to their friends list, this includes accepting someone who has added you that you don't know. A FBC also tries to demonstrate how "cool" or cultured they are by posting clips from youtube on their wall to make it look like they are into the subject matter. FBCs are also responsible for deleting comments from other users which they deem makes them look bad.
Classic facebook cunt updates:

Hannah is soooo hung over.

Tom goes to ibiza in 5/4/3 etc days! Wahoo.

Ali loves jam on his toast in the morning.

Ali has broken his pen lid.

Ali loves his phone.

Ali is meeting his inlaws today.

Ali walked to work this morning.

Ali bought his gf flowers.

Ali saw a sheep.

Ali loves his mum.

Rachel says: check this out (posts link to you tube of some break dancing). This guys are the bomb.
by Thackwar July 22, 2010
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