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Appears holier than thou but is a twat. Her real name is Fatin Shuib. ( She’s a shameless, desperate psychopath who ruins each of her boyfriends life for the money and attention. She thinks her partners life only revolves around her. She goes beyond the right mind, messing with her ex/partner’s friends and families. She’s a shitty girlfriend. She’s even shitter as an ex. She’s a manipulative cunt that twists stories & plays victim for a living. A cheap self-centered gold digger who sells herself at the clubs. She has an ugly physical apperance that matches her ugly heart and personality. Calls other girls ‘ugly hoe’ only to reflect her damned self.
Ew, i just bumped into a Faaatinsa. I could feel the heat of a psychopath from that ugly hoe. A life that includes a Faaatinsa is a life not worth living. Cut her off, snip snip, stay away from any Faaatinsa.
by yokarma July 23, 2018
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