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1 - v. To toss seemingly random foods together in order to sate powerful hunger. Results vary from delicious to disgusting.

2 - n. Someone who expert chefs on a notably regular basis.

3 - n. The song after which the above terms were named, produced by semi-renowned webcomic artist Drew Dee, released under the pseudonym CRUDBUMP.
1. Ever since I've been skipping dinner at a reasonable time, I've found myself expert cheffing an awful lot after commons closes. Did you know that chocolate nicely complements most cheeses?

2. This year I decided to skip paying for a meal plan and buy all my own groceries so I could eat healthier. Needless to say, I've become a bit of an expert chef.

3. "Make you a trail mix with full size Kit-Kats / Do it real quick, show me where the bowl is at / Add some peanuts and mix 'em with some raisins / Put some M&Ms in and top it with some Craisins / I'm the Expert Chef."
- CRUDBUMP, "Expert Chef"
by Heavy Lobster November 13, 2010
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