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A man boy who tells outrageous stories about 6 foot speakers blowing off girls clothes. An Excalibur Man will also tell any over exaggerated story possible.

Most likely to meet while Disc Golfing.

Origin of name - He was named after a disc was thrown (while disc golfing) and got stuck in the grass similar to Excalibur's sword in the stone.
Excalibur Man: "Hey guys! I love drinking tilt because when the cops look at you they think you are drinking an energy drink, but it really has alcohol in it"

Excalibur Man: "I once met this girl who's really hot at a strip club. We brought her home and set up 6 foot speakers around her and she was looking really hot. I turned up the volume all the way and all of her clothes blew off. It was Amazing!"
by showcase June 19, 2008
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