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retarded evil. crude, clumsy, stupid, senseless unsophisticated evil.
learning disabled pedophile that freaks out and bashes his young victim in the head shrieking louder than she/he and then buries the remains only a foot deep in his mother's backyard marking it with a popsicle stick cross as if it were a cat and thinking everything is gonna be ok.

Ruth: Did you see that youtube clip of the girl whistling a happy tune while tossing puppies into the raging river?
Joan: I did, that's evil bad.
by Crinklydink October 21, 2010
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Evil and bad; this combination is particularly loathsome when combined with any form of dairy or fiber-laden foods.

Also goes by the name "moe".
The smell that came out of her ass was both Evil and incredibly bad.
by enigmoe March 05, 2005
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