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the crummiest little town thats in the southern suburbs of chicago. everyone in there wants to get out as soon as they can because theres nothing there
hey, why is everyone leaving?

oh, we must be in evergreen park
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A town full of faggots really. I hate the Freshman football team soo much they are all big gaylord dick suckers. Ill name the big faggots and you can decide for yourself. Donreick a monkey who is so black he disappears in dark. Daniel a fuckboy who should get cucked by his dad. Aidan a ginger fuck who should be farming potatos like the irish slave he is. Cristian C a buck tooth faggot who is clearly gay. Matt DADDY 😍. Connor N. another irish potato farming quere. And finally that shot fucker Jake yea thats right short cunt. Well fuck them they represent EP as the gay fags they are none of them should be on that team bevause they all fist each other in the locker room. So fuck EP and the EPHS Freshman football team.
Evergreen Park a shit for nothing village.
by Get pranked August 30, 2017
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