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Symptom of a disorder caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, which is stimulated by compulsive online consumerism of the Etsy website. These episodes are characterized by the impulse for instant gratification, momentary lapses in financial responsibility, incapacity of self-control, and involuntary right-clicking on the “add to cart” button. Side effects include buyer’s remorse, spontaneous exclamations of beguilement (or awwing), post-consumer aura, and memory loss. Studies have shown that the long term-effects include economic hardship and excessive accumulation of vintage, ooak, or DIY products. EEG (electroetsyography) technology can be utilized to observe brain activity during an episode. Currently, the only known effective treatment is total avoidance of the internet.
“This steampunk Etsy shop has great merchandise- I’m having an etsy-leptic fit over all of the tiny hats and goggles.”
by luvpickford June 29, 2011
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