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A celebrity Twitter feud where a taunt provokes a response, but it ends there. This creates a strong vacuum within the fan base of each respective camp, hopelessly eager to pile on the fight. The resulting explosion plays out less between the celebrities and more by those who support them. Users fan the flames, sending waves throughout the Twittersphere. away from an otherwise quiet Ground Zero. Exchanges tend to be abrasive, most often far more angry and inflammatory than the Tweet that started it all.
Did you see the Chris Brown/Andy Levy Twitter feud? What started it was nothing compared to the etomic bomb it dropped on the internet. Everyone's chiming in.

It wasn't so much the original Tweet, there was an etomic bomb behind it like you would not imagine.

Thank goodness for a strong fan base to support you during an etomic bomb because there's a whole lot of crazy out there.
by Soapy Johnson August 17, 2011
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