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ethan may be book smart. not street tho. nah. some people claim to see him pull down his pants at summer camp. i am unfortunate enough to be one of those people. he is not able to rock a one inch wonder like owen p one inch p. additionally, he studders sometimes, and gets all up in your face. he thinks by yelling at you and getting all in ur face he makes a better point. he j be looking like an idiot tho. ethan sometimes j listens to porn music on his phone for fun. it’s not fun. he also is afraid to play fortnite w his friends bc he doesn’t wanna get roasted.
person 1: e-e-e-ethan h-h-h-hi

ethan filler: s-s-s-stop it g-g-g-guys
by ryanvano043 February 20, 2019
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