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Verb: When having sexual relations in the same topographic point, in which the sexual fluids from both parties amalgamate, sometimes with the same partner.

Noun: A "puddle" of bodily fluids that is visibly observed to be that of a sexual origin, from two or more consenting couples.
1: Noun
Q: What's that on your bed?
A: Oh that? That's an Eskimo Puddle, Bob and I used the same bed to have sexual relations with these two females.

2: Noun
Male 1: Hey bro, I just wanted to let you know I totally scored in your bed. You're gonna have to change those sheets, I left a puddle.

Male 2: No way man! Me too, I got with that Lucy chick. She was just laying in my bed waiting for me, she totally wanted me.

Male 1: Ha! Dude I totally banged her in your bed too!

Male 2: Shit man I thought that was all me, turns out we made an Eskimo Puddle and now we're Eskimo Brothers! Friends forever!
3: Verb
"Oh fuck yeah babe look at this Eskimo Puddle we just made, its nice and fresh. Pete will never know we banged in his bed right after him. My life mission is complete."

eskimo puddle sexual relation splooge
by akaemyers January 18, 2012
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