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A completely incompetent kentucky govenor who will never be reelected and should rethink his decision to go into politics
see dumbfuck
Pass a budget??? No way, we've got Ernie Fletcher
by oldladysgivegum July 14, 2006
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This is the current governor of Kentucky. Gov. Fletcher grew up in the state's second largest city, Lexington, and had dreams of becoming an astronaut. However, the devout Baptist Republican probably never knew that he would end up in the highest political seat in the State of Kentucky. His career path led him to being a fighter pilot, a physician, a preacher, and a congressmen.
He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1974 with a mechanical engineering degree. But a few years after joining the US Air Force, president Jimmy Carter (Democrat....) cut military funding, forcing him to leave the service. He returned once again to UK around 1980, this time to medical school, where he would become a family physician after graduating in 1984. In 1989, Ernie was ordained as a Baptist minister in Lexington. He eventually got his first seat in Congress in 1994, whereupon he headed to Washington. About 2003, Fletcher was able to attain. with considerable ease, the positoion of state governor.
He is a good man who is currently struggling with the financial situation in the Commonwealth, but is making ends meet. He is trying to do what's best for the Kentuckians, and providing more luxuries within the state as well. See example below.
At Northern Kentucky University (where I go), Ernie Fletcher came to unveil a check for several million dollars to build a massive arena and sports center on the campus, serving as a large entertainment and sports event-holding stadium. He is awesome
by NKU Student July 14, 2005
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