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Wild, crazy, fabulous, and entertaining drag persona St. Louis, MO. Erica Leigh Foster is the alpha-drag queen of JP's Show Lounge at Bubby & Sissy's Bar in Alton, IL.

Crowned Miss Gay Missouri in 2002, Erica Leigh Foster is known for her inspired and diverse performances and as a country girl at heart. Her performance to the remix of Dolly Parton's "Rocky Top" is a fan favorite.

Her Friday night show was originally at Inside-Out Bar in nearby Granite City, IL. When Inside-Out closed in 2004, it looked like it was the end for "The Erica Leigh Foster Show" until Faces on Fourth Street (which closed in May 2007 after 30 years in operation) brought the cast to their bar on Friday nights and renamed the show "Five Whore Friday" which starred Erica Leigh Foster, Victoria Rose, Sable Sinclair, Kitty Litter, and Alexis Principle... Erica Leigh was always present, the other 4 performers did sometimes switch out week-by-week. Because Faces was in sketchy-ass East St. Louis, IL many fans did not follow the cast there and the show fell apart and was not the same as it had been at Inside-Out... where oftentimes the show involved a much higher level of audience participation.

Famous for her bawdy language but well-though and acted performances, Erica Leigh has gone from a wild blonde to a more refined brunette in the last 3 - 4 years. She is known for having the audience raise their glasses to take a "social" shot and one of her famous lines is "Bartender, I'll take something nice and easy like Cuervo!"

She is an AMAZING performer and worth seeing!
"Let's head over to Bubby & Sissy's this weekend and see what Erica Leigh Foster and the other girls are up to!"
by ELF Fan! May 05, 2007
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