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where you dont learn shit, you either jigg or forge to go to gunnahs, you hook up with people you dont know, you have drink ups and smoke when your only 12, theres punch ons everyday, you never win in sport cause they all suck and lastly they all have indentity problems.
fob 1: aye wat skool you at aye?

fob 2: i dont go skool wbu?

fob 1: aye! come endeavour sports high bro, its mean az!

fob 2: siana, i would but my lil bro got dropped

fob 1: oh shux! ill drop those itchbays tomoro at skool gee.

fob 2: k bro, cant come or ill get the jandal off my ummayz.
by shuux September 24, 2010
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