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Expressing love interest to another man continuously(ex. love letters, sex texting, fake dates) without actually touching at all. this does NOT include a friendship between a male and a female where they talk about their feelings about things excluding each other.
Sally: George never talks about how he feels about us, so I found this guy Hank who tells me how much he loves me all the time.

Rita: Oh, so he's your emotional boyfriend!
by naughtyhottie372 July 02, 2009
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1-A boyfriend who is overly emotional (bordering on women on period emotions).

2-When a guy likes a girl but she likes him enough to have all the fun of a relationship with him, minus the sex or making out, this is a derivative of the friend zone but is not quite as bad as the man actually means something to the girl and there is or was a degree of attraction, the way to get out of this is to avoid this or to get out of it is to make half the relationship light flirting and half emotional support and caring.
1-John started crying with happiness when him and Claire were on a romantic date, he is such an emotional boyfriend.

2-Daniel likes Emily and she likes him to an extent but dosen't tell him, so that she can get all the emotional support of a boyfriend minus the commitment and other problems, he is her emotional boyfriend and needs to start flirting with her
by mastodong April 28, 2007
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