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"Emotional Hobocore" was created by Jeph Jacques of "Questionable Content" fame. In refrence to emo bands that have $90 haircuts, but have so many problems they simply have to put it into written form. Hobocore would be the pinnicle of the movement, as being a hobo would be one who has no job or money and is therefore sorrowful. Emo Hobocore will be the new pop punk.
"That kid is so Emo Hobocore"
"No, thats a real hobo, look, he's peeing on our dog"
by c1utch January 16, 2005
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Firstly believed to be a joke on 'Questionable Content', a popular Indy Rock web-comic, but soon found to be a genre, to include 'Hobo Metal' which was revolutionised by a band known as 'Trashcan of Deception' in late 2005.

Their music focus was based around any excuse to insult the emokid population of the world with their vulgar, poorly recorded music, as a means of using the hobo image.

Surprisingly this Hobocore music took off, and people were soon downloading and playing these songs to their friends, for their comedic and satirical value - definately not musical.

This band was all about wittily poking fun at everything the emokid trend represented, thus angering angsty teens worldwide who think it's 'cooler' to show little appreciation for life.

Hobos have something to complain about, spoilt rich teenagers don't. Take out the emokid population, are you Hobocore enough?
Emo: omg lyke u guys r soo meen
Emo Hobocore: Yeah, screw you buddy, I've been brushing my teeth with rat blood for 7 years!
Emo: O.. sorri dood.
Emo Hobocore: Yeah that's right, fuck you.

Lyrics from the 'Trashcan of Deception' download sites

"Introduction to Hobo Metal"
It has previously not been known that hobos burn emokids within their faithful fires. This is revenge, against the spoiled brats who think they have it bad as opposed to those who live in the streets eating rats and pigeons.

"In The Trashcan"
You don’t know years of pain
Shut your faces then
We hobos don’t complain
That life’s inhumane!

(Oh, help me), “No, you're gonna die“
(Oh, help me), “No, just say goodbye“

"Black Soul- A Hobo Ray Charles Tale"
We sit around the trash can
Singing songs, holding hands
We hobos are friendly
We even started a band

Then this girl comes along
She says she's got it bad
We asked her, her problem
Oooh, what a drag

Why can't these kids be happy?
When they got it so good?
Would you kiss a hobo?
Ooh, like hell you would!

She hated her parents
And all o' their rules
And the boyfriend she lost
Was apparently cool

We told her our story
About how fun hobos can be
Frank even got a job
Down at the old box factory
by Hobo_x_Core_x_Lover March 18, 2006
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Emo Hobocore, revolutionised in late 2005, with the hit Hobo Metalcore band 'Trashcan of Deception' which was based in a small country town within Australia. This band resulted in a great trend which travelled across and spreaded to a more global audience,including the UK and USA, offending and confusing all who witnessed this 'vicious piece of shit'.

Emo hobocore reflected the attitude that emokids have little to complain about, or cause them woes or pains. Emo hobocore was an attempt to uplift the mood of modern music, through a poorly recorded medium, to express images of "Happy Hobos" - people who had nothing, but were happy with their lives.

This extends on the belief that 'Questionable Content' created the concept, as many had thought of it, and expressed this humour across and other such blogging realms.

Emo moron: "I'm so sad, I lost my girlfriend, and my mobile phone in ONE day!"

Emo Hobocore: "Get screwed, I'm a hobo, I survive by eating rats and pigeons, while living alone in the same clothes I crapped in a year ago - yet I'm still smiling? Right?"

Emo moron: "Oh.."

Yeah that's right, find something WORTH complaining about.
by Adrian Snrub April 02, 2006
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