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1. a whiney emo dick who posts things on urban dictoinary complaining about how much emos dont cut themselves just for attention and how being emo is about the music.
I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! of these emo shits who cut because "they just wanna get away from the pain" your not removing the pain, your converting it to physical pain
thats like if you had a fire and you put it out then the stuff you put it out with left radiation.
also they complain about how much people bash on them, we bash on you because it must be done to feed your false sense of self hate! if no one bashed on emos, there would be no emos so take the "pain" and shut the fuck up!
2. a person who complains so much it seems emo.
3. the many people who will most likely post on this talking about how much i am wrong and how emos dont complain very much and how they dont cry and slit thier wrists and thats only poseurs and blah blah blah
4. a person who is emo who talks about how they dont conform, yet they conform to the emo clone army

well im done lets see what you got emos
Man:then stop.....
Emo Fag:what?
Man:just stop cutting yourself, crying, attempting suicide and writing shitty music
Emo Fag:but its how i feel!
Man:as if! like you actually hate getting so many gifts from your parents and how well off you are
Man:shut the fuck up
Emo Complainer:that isnt a real emo!
Man:who the fuck are you?
Emo Complainer:us emos dont cry and whine! we dont cut ourselves thats a scene!
Man's GF:honey what are you doing?
Man:just emo bashing, honey
Man's GF:HAH what a buncha emo faggots
Emo Complainer:SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *sob sob sniff* YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND *thinking:remeber you hate life and yourself, you hate life and yourself.... but then again... NO FUCK PREPS!*
Man:this example is getting to long i'm out, c'mon honey
p.s. im not a prep or any of that shit because i am a real non conformist emo fuckers
by fuckoffemo March 25, 2009
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