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Emmental cheese (sometimes also called Emmentaler or Emmenthal) is a Swiss cheese. It first came from Switzerland. It is named after the Emmental, the valley of a river, near Berne. Emmental cheese was first made around 1292 in that region.
Emmental cheese is left to ripen for a period of 6-7 weeks. Ripening it for 8-12 weeks gives a more spicy (salty) cheese. In Europe, about 464 200 tons of Emmental are produced each year.
Emmental Cheese is the formal name for Swiss Cheese.
When I was a kid, we used to refer to Swiss cheese as "rat cheese," because it was the type of cheese always depicted in cartoons featuring mice and rats. Later I learned that not all cheese with holes is Swiss cheese and not all Swiss cheese has holes.
by "I AM" Miss Gale January 28, 2011
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