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True queen of England. Has the power to make you feel shitty just by smiling.
- person 1 : "What do you have today ? You don't look really good."
- person 2 : "I know, it's because of Emma Thompson, I've been Thompstered while watching Howard's End."
- person 1 : "Oh I hope you're gonna go through it all."
by Emmeryte November 16, 2014
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A girl that is loved by her man so much that he will let the world know. She is loyal, smart, and has a amazing sense of she doesnt judge at all. She is beautiful and she loves helping the kitty her man saved for her from the streets. She is loved by her man. 05/14/17 is the most important day in her life.
by OCReptile480 December 05, 2017
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