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When someone repeatedly, indeed excessively, uses the ellipsis (...) in written text to give an impression of the flow of spoken conversation. Mostly just looks more artificial; usually indicates poor knowledge of internet etiquette on the part of an older generation. Commonly found by old people trying to communicate on Facebook.
Person 1: *insert humorous Facebook status obviously intended for appreciation by friends*
Person 2: *commenting* Hey... how is it going... just checking in... everything's good here... see you later.
Person 1: Wow. Not only did you hijack my status for an irrelevant personal conversation, but you employed serious ellipsis abuse. Thanks, dad.
Person 2: Don't forget the milk... can you call me when you get here... thanks... see you soon.
Ellipsis: THE PAIN!
by Robanes August 03, 2013
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