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a school in north-west indiana full of fuckboys, sluts, and teachers who don't give a fuck about your education.
this school has the most confusing fucking layout of any school in the country.

from a whole half of the building called A 'hall' to a 5 minute passing period that makes it impossible to get to class on time because of all the fucking people, elkhart memorial is one of the worst damn high schools in the country
person 1: "i go to elkhart memorial"
person 2: "oh you poor child, come give me a hug"
by fuck my life 666 November 15, 2016
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The worst school in history. The French teacher Mrs buscio sucks ass and sends everyone down to the office for no fucken reason >:(
Fuck Mrs buscio. Elkhart memorial sucks ass
by Mrs. Buscio September 19, 2018
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