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Originally derived from the sounds of wayward monks singing melodically across barren fields that were once soaked with the blood of fallen warriors.

In present day, Elite Melody is known worldwide as the most fucking talented group of singers ever known. People wish they could be part of this "family", but few have the honor of joining the ranks of the elite. In short, they pretty much kick ass and take names.

Some have been known to be vampires, so beware. They will rip your fucking heads off the moment you speak ill of their fellow elite.

The members consist of the most beautiful people known to man, and can seduce their prey with just one note.

They also like kiwi.

And dress in layers to ward off those horny folk.

And I believe they are fond of spaghetti... It remains a mystery.
Have you heard the new group song from Elite Melody? It was the best song I've ever heard!

I just elite melody'ed their punk ass.
by EliteAsh October 04, 2016
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