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Guys in there early twenties that have momma pay for there cateye chevy 1500 with 8 inches of lift in the front and -2 inches in the back and sittin on only 35s because 35s are Country, you can usually spot these fags at the local Walmart having a circle jerk while looking at how useless there trucks really are, and caught in jeans tight enough to lose ur balls for a week and tucked, unscuffed, virgin boots. Don’t mix these guys up with the Homo crew, these guys will usually be seen with 5-6 underaged girls who Vape and also have momma buy there cars, preferably Mustang not camero
Dude remember when that guy with a squatted truck blew a tranny and piston rings, what did they call there selfs?

That’s Elevated Culture you dipshit, didn’t u see the minors vaping?
by Truck Rice May 19, 2018
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