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A moniker created by Women in order to separate their activities - which are purely girl-on-girl - with those of "True Lesbians." An "ELBOW CUNT" refers to a girl-transexual pair whom are sexually active. The "ELBOW" refers to the penis on the transexual, and the cunt refers to the "girl" who is "paired" with the transexual. Apparently, straight women have "great issue" with this type of "wine pairing" (i.e. girl-transexual).
"Gee whiz, look at that ELBOW CUNT over their at the Bar. I wonder where her Tranny toy is today - she looks pale," said Botox Lips Cheryl to Botox Forehead Nancy at the Four Seasons Bar (Beverly Hills).
by BrainFreeze-DK June 12, 2012
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