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Northeast los angeles area. bordered by City Terace, Boyle heights, Alhambra,Pasadena, lincoln heights. Populated by mostly low income mexican americans. A part of the East Los Angeles. Gangs infested by El Sereno, City Terace, Metro, Westside 18 street, and tag banggers. Huntington Drive is the main shopping / high traffic area
"El Sereno is the mexican ghetto"
"El Sereno has too many hills"
Hill Side village is the nicest part of El Sereno
by oldriverschool July 25, 2007
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A place in East Los Angeles that is home to not only Mexican-Americans but Chinese and white people. The stereotype that the town is full of gangs and violence is exaggerated by others because that is a false assumption. Only downside of it would be being home to rascist people (hillside people) who see El Sereno as a home for low income Mexican people when nice neighboorhoods and beautiful houses do exist.
"Where are you from?"
"El Sereno."
"If your from El Sereno, why are you white?"
"Not everyone who lives there is Mexican you rascist! Its not even as bad as everyone says it is!"
by RadicalJune January 10, 2015
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latino low-income neighborhood located in Northeast Los Angeles. Gang infested w/ El Sereno, Metro, City Terace, East Side 18 street. bordered by Alhambra, City Terace, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights
lets go to the El Sereno to hook up with some Mexican chicks
by oldriverschool July 27, 2007
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