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Feelings of complete momentary anger and hatred. The feeling of "giving up" or sudden loss when something does not work out. This feeling comes over at many moments in life, they may be large and drastic, or can be simple and small things that will not affect you at all in the long run.

Frat girls, preps, and bimbos may use this expression in regards to beauty and hygiene.

Nerds, geeks, and such variety may use this expression in regards to marks, or the difficulty of understanding an academic concept. Sometimes when a science concept is understood the expression "SCIENCE!!!" my be used.
"EFF MY LIFE! My nail just broke broke"

"EFF MY LIFE! I just failed my collage exam"

"EFF MY LIFE! The don't have any more soymilk"

#1:"EFF MY LIFE! I just don't get STOICH!"
#2:"Here I'll show you"
#1: "SCIENCE!!!!"
by grace09090909090 December 24, 2008
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