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Where do I start.... well the school is made up of an odd mix of kids. I’d say 20% maddd ghetto, 40% emo/edgy 🤮, 20% popular/preppy, 10% gay kids (some really awesome but some mad annoying), and 10% is made up of actually decent people. Most of the teachers are feminists and that gets hella annoying. Also we have pretty bad modified teams (and some JV). Half the kids have awesome grades in everything always and the other half are literally failing, and have been since day one; there’s no inbetween. The 6th graders act like they’re in high school. Our band and our choir really suck. Also Kids get beaten up every day, some have to go to the hospital. One kid even committed suicide from the hate he got from his classmates (we are NOT going to talk about it right now) and that is very very sad I’m sorry to everyone that knew him. So yea our school is not great but it’s also not exactly terrible in my opinion.
Uh oh, did you here my friend (insert name) got thrown into the wall today at Edward Town Middle School?
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by ImGoodAtFortnite May 19, 2018
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