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Back in golden days of World War 1, machine guns mounted on aircraft had to be timed so that the bullets shot in between the blades of the spinning propellers.

The Eddie Rickenbacker (named for the famous WW1 pilot) works the same way: have one girl lay on her back while some guy goes into her missionary style and spins around (a la Reverse Meat Grinder). A second guy should then fuck the girl anally, but only in between the "propellers" of the other man's flying limbs. As a result, the other guy has to stick his dick in, back out like a solid 8 inches, and then head back in there.

Yeah it's probably possible
I had this insane dream the other night, man: me and Frankie were giving this girl the Eddie Rickenbacker. It's basically when ...

What the fuck bro
by PoopLord1 December 05, 2017
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