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Orgasms or erotic stimulations that occur spontaneously and unexpectedly despite the lover not being in the room or any sexual activity or contact occuring. Echo orgasms are inspired mental activity and physiological reactions that come after 'monster thumping sex' and the body is still craving and aching for the lover long after intercourse has occured. Usually the person suffering an 'echo orgasm' has a boner, a wierd smirky smile for no reason, has a visible cramp, is distracted while driving or working, or may engage in masturbation while crying out his/her lover's name in the middle of the day for no reason. If you get these, ride the waves and keep the lover. Also known as an 'aftershock orgasm.'
After a romantic night of 'monster thumping sex' my guy and I couldn't see each other for a few days, but I was having echo orgasms all the time. So was my guy when he finally confessed over the phone.

She: "I can't stop thinking about you. It's so bad I'm having trouble driving. I can still feel you!"
He: "I know, these echo orgasms are making driving dangerous."
She: "My coworkers are thinking I'm losing my mind, and I can't tell them. They'll think I'm a pervert."
He: "I'm coming over in a few days. I need my next fix."
by Laniidae January 26, 2008
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