The hardest town in Westchester.peeps not from Eastchester be scared to role through this hood. Drug deals, gang bangs just a part of an average day in this hood. Da chesta be the home of the craziest motha Fuckas in new YOrk. Rappers car jackers, and crackers reside in this hood yo. This is a differnt type of hood an all white hood. if you came here you would of wished you never did
My brother got merced in Da chesta(Eastchester), the ghettoest hood alive
by Mcffizlkajfd July 06, 2007
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In eastchester, all the guys are guidos who pretend to be black. They throw around the n word and blast shitty rap while asking their mom to drive them to school. The girls are all thots.
Eastchester kid: Hey mom can you drive me to school?
Eastchester kid, 5 minutes later: Yo n****, wuss up? You playin' that gang shit?
by memewaffle September 26, 2017
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