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A disease workers obtain (usually ones confined in cubicles) when they are over-eager to recieve an important e-mail. This is common among computer engineers, programmers, and bosses who do nothing.

NOTE: the e-mail monkey is a disease, but is very literal because a monkey will climb on top of your back

(WARNING) It will press the e-mail key with its foot

The only way to cure e-mail monkey is to deactivate your interneuter yourself and go cold turkey (which literally climbs on your back)
(from Dilbert : WHEN DID IGNORANCE BECOME A POINT OF VIEW? by Scott Adams)

Asok: I have an e-mail monkey on my back, but I can quit whenever I want

Asok: I don't need to check it every minute. I can resist!

Asok: But Look! the stupid monkey hit my keyboard with his foot
by Uber Pwnager January 19, 2009
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