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Dwayne Roloson is an NHL goaltender.

Dwayne Roloson is the best NHL goaltender.

Dwayne Roloson plays for the Edmonton Oilers.

Dwayne Roloson is our savior.

Dwayne Roloson could be put on the ice alone agianst the North American and World All-Stars and would clear the puck into the opposing team's net before they could get a goal on him.

Dwanye Roloson is more God than human.

Dwanye Roloson is infallible.

Dwayne Roloson is one badass goaltender. If Dwanye Roloson doesn't like what you are doing, Dwanye Roloson will hit you with his stick. If you plow into the net and knock over Dwayne Roloson, Dwayne Roloson will hurt you.

Chuck Norris wears a Dwayne Roloson jersey.

There will be many goaltenders that will walk, talk, act, and save like Dwayne Roloson, they may be the next best thing, but there will be no one quite like Dwayne Roloson.
by 571 May 18, 2006
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