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Duro de Domar is an argentinian tv show, hosted by Roberto Pettinato. Formerly was called Indomables. Another members of the show are: Guillermo Pardini (the only one who is form the first show to present time), EL Chavo Fucks, Ursula Vargues, Fernanda Iglesias, Eduardo Noriega, the presenter Fabian Cerfoglio, "el mini" Juan Carlos Velazquez, Edgar, Sebastian Wainraich and Sebastian Presta in the sketch called "Kitsch", and the reporter "El pollo". The show is actually in Canal 13, with uncertain schedule.

- I think Duro de Domar is the best tv show, but its too late!
- Yeah i fall sleep before the show begin...
by pepetrueno1415 December 17, 2006
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