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To hit or break something with extreme fury and strength. This could be an object or a person.
Duncan smashing an object usually means throwing it on the ground so that it shatters into many small fragments but it can be used in other situations as well.
If it is a person then there are two types of Duncan smash that can be inflicted upon them: 1. You hit them on the top of their head with force. This is most commonly done when you are passing by someone very quickly. 2. You hit someone anywhere with some sort of hard object or weapon.
This is most commonly used by and against: Republicans, and/or people named Duncan.
While duncan smashing someone, it is commonly practiced to yell "DUNCAN SMASH!" while doing it.
Duncan Smash can also describe when the Republican Party wins a bill in the Senate or the House of Representatives by a huge margin.

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"He just duncan smashed Johnny with that lacrosse stick."
"I duncan smashed that lamp and now it is all over the floor."
"I'll knock some sense into you with a duncan smash."
"I duncan smashed my boss as I walked out of the elevator and he walked in, he fired me."
"The Republicans really duncan smashed that bill yesterday."
by lucrative lemon April 19, 2009
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