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A person;
annoyingly pathetic and incredibly tedious in nature,
branded by their colleagues as a "dumpity dump".

Causes fellow non-dumpities to go mad, due to their unbearable antics.

Typically low self-esteemed/monotone and in denial of their squareness.

Uses expressions such as
"well, I wouldn't say so!" or
"WELL I'm sorry that I forgot! Accidents happen!"

Thinks he's gaining cool-points when he mentions Van Halen! and Aerosmith! on his ipod.

Shares pointless information on the phone with you after you mention you have to go.

Has terrible table manners, clickity clanging his spoon in his cereal, slurping to his heart's delight thinking he's the only person who can hear it. Licking each finger individually (with sound included) after smacking his fucking lips during a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Slurped down by a glass of milk of course. Great!

A really big dumpity dump.

Girl1: GOD. My Step-Dad is such a dumpity dump.
Girl2: Why? Whats a dumpity..?
Girl1: .. he just is!
by d3v0 July 10, 2006
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