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A dumbass noodle is a very thin half white half Asian man who just loves eating noodles just as much as being an asshole. That's why they're called a dumbass noodle. CUZ there white and skinny. Also, it's a noodle and you know how much Asians love their eating noodles. *stereotype* *stereotype* *stereotype* Not to mention. They like doing the peace sign and doing cringey Musical.lys. If the there are a group of noodles, then they can be called "a dumbass bowl of ramen."
Guy 1: Hey, look at that white clusterfuck of white people.

Guy 2: If one of them manages to win over that Asian chick, a dumbass noodle will come into existence!

Guy 1 and 2: NOOOOOOOOO
by NightingalePandaThing February 01, 2018
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