A dumb American voter is any American voter that votes for the leading candidates thinking they actually "voted" for someone unique or for the people.
Hey, I just voted for Obama.. No kidding, I voted for Romney!.. YOU DUMB AMERICAN VOTERS! Both are extreme idiots! Because they are funded by foreign national corporations and big banks who run the US through money and lobbying. In other words the global corporations fund the leading horses in the race.. If that's "voting" I must be missing something but then again this is America!
by traderneal July 19, 2015
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a person who is not well educated and does not want to get any knowledge, so that s/he usually does not know anything, even the obvious things, and if asked, answers uncredibly silly.

sometimes used: "dumb like a Yank".
A: What's Queen of England's name?
B: Victoria.
A: You're dumb like an American.

A: Who's the president od Russia?
B: Lenin.
A: Dumb like an American!

A: Where lies Israel?
B: South America.
A: Youre dumb like an american.
by Krzysiek October 16, 2006
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