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that guy named Mark and then an H..........unluckiest, saddist thing you ever saw. funny as hell really, what a dork y. tries to get a stiffy by playing with his 'little boy...penis' thus he is molesting his little boy, now they call him a child molester.
the 'dumb fugly non-fucker' that will never get laid again, because he can't get an erection while still dressed and maintain it for 4-6 hours until the chick decides she is ready to have sex, and he is not allowed to use porn, touch himself, or have any stimulation of any kind until she is ready, and he must obtain the erection within 2 minutes, impossible yet true, 23 years and he has not been able to do it yet. A real Charly Brown, thinking that maybe this time Lucy will let him kick the football, she never will.....
by procoor68 October 26, 2011
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