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a young individual who lives and breathes dubstep music and is also attributed to douchebaggery and faggotry. They typically believe in the idea that they're cooler than everybody and use words like "filthy" and "dirty" to describe things. They travel with their bros in fast cars their mothers bought for them and you can spot them hanging out in parking lots loitering for no reason and blowing eachother.
"Hey people. I like dubstep. My friends like dubstep. We're dubstep kids, and you can be a dubstep kid too! Listen to this filthy-ass track" *womp womp womp* "That's my shit! Come here, Rob, this music is so dirty I just want to rub your cock all over my face. We're totally bros, man!"
by freerichardramirez February 09, 2012
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