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Dropping a Luigi is a rare occurrence following a pleasant evening of boozing it up with your pals at the neighborhood bar.
After safely returning from the bar and getting oneself into bed and off to sleep, wake up. Not in bed, or in the gutter, not in an Arabian prince’s harem or on a slow boat to China, but on the toilet. Not just any toilet, but the toilet in your bathroom that is the bathtub. Take this opportunity to move to the actual toilet and return to sleep. Upon waking, realize that a horrible stench has permeated the air. As you carefully peer over the edge of the tub, you may be mortified to discover that someone dropped a Luigi in the bathtub. Further introspective investigation will offer that you yourself are indeed the one to blame.
You may experience any self-doubt, shame, personal triumph or pride that you see fit.
Girl 1: So, how was your date?
Girl 2: Oh my god, after our night out, my boyfriend dropped a Luigi in the bathtub.
Girl 1: Ew

Guy: So what did you do after we left the bar?
Other guy: I don’t know, I was pretty drunk. I think I made tacos… oh yeah, and I dropped a Luigi in the tub.
Guy: You’re pretty cool.

by loco moto March 16, 2008
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