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"droe stoe" is the abbreviation for drop stomach:

Discomforting and abrupt activity in the abdomen that creates an intense and incessant downward pressure on the bowels; it yields an urgency to use the nearest bathroom available to attain relief. If all nearby bathrooms are occupied, or none are in a convenient proximity, then a dark alley, a vacant space between two cars, or a forest floor may suffice.
β€œDude, how did it go with those girls you met at the pub last night?”

β€œI was hitting it off with the one girl, we started to make out, but then I had mad droe stoe. She only had one bathroom and it was occupied by people having sex, so I had no choice but to sh** in the alley beside her house. It was loud and hot. I didn’t see her friends smoking outside. They caught me, so I ran home”

"Sorry to hear that dude! Drop stomach is such a buzzkill!
by Johnny Buckles May 29, 2010
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